Java security flaw: How to turn it off

In case you haven't heard yet, a dangerous security flaw has been found in Java 7.10 and the Department of Homeland Security together with other institutions and corporations have been warning users about it.  Apple even used a malware tool built … [Read more...]

Malware alert: CNet and ‘coupon companion’

Cnet and its affiliate downloads site,, used to be the best place to download software as well as read reviews from qualified editors.  It appears that it is no longer the case as they have started distributing malware with the software … [Read more...]

Drupal vs. WordPress: A comparison

When creating a website that needs to be updated on a somewhat regular basis, it is usually a good idea to use a framework that would enable the frequent creation and editing of content with minimal effort. A quick online search for “content … [Read more...]